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Spark New Zealand
Spark Arena App
Spark New Zealand’s design team had the opportunity to design the Spark Arena App, and I was involved in researching, wireframing and supporting the UI designer with the detailed design.

We wanted to make users interact with the app at different stages of their journey. What they can do before purchasing an event, on the day of the event and after an event.
iPhone with Spark Arena App
Key initiatives
• Design a mobile app for Spark Arena
• A place for the customers to view and purchase events
Key tasks
1. Research
2. Use cases and user journeys
3. Information architecture
4. Icons
5. Sketches, ideation and wireframes
6. Detailed designs
At the start of this project, I researched and studied ticket websites, events website and other related websites and that helped me design an enjoyable experience for the user because they will have a familiar expectation and will feel comfortable and confident using the app.
Competitor websites and mobile apps research analysis
Use cases and user journeys
Our design team collaborated to ideate on different use cases and user journeys. Purchasing an event, on the day of the event and after the event.
Purchase an event user journey
Day of the event user journey
After the event user journey
Information architecture
We brainstormed on the information architecture, which helped organise the information clearly and logically. Grouping relevant pages, reducing cognitive load, creating visual hierarchy and reusing recognisable patterns.
Spark Arena App information architecture
Sketches, ideation and wireframes
We started sketching the features and how each page of the app would look. Keeping in our mind, familiar patterns, interactions and best practices.
Spark Arena App wireframes with Adobe XD
Detailed design handover
Once I finished designing the Spark Arena App wireframes, I handed them over to the UI designer and supported him whenever he had questions or needed help.

During the process of designing this app, we had presented to key stakeholders and also had heartbeats/meetings twice a week.
iPhones with Spark Arena App
Spark New Zealand – November 2016
Spark Arena App
User experience and user interface design for iOS & Android operating systems
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