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Spark New Zealand
Spark Generation II App
Below are some of the features I was involved in designing while I was in Spark New Zealand’s App Squad.
iPhones with Spark App
1. Biometric authentication
2. Onboarding screens
3. Help & support
4. Asynchronous messaging
Biometric authentication
A safe, secure and efficient way to sign in to the Spark App and peace of mind that your data is protected.
Fingerprint biometric authentication
Spark App Android fingerprint bio-metric authentication
Touch ID biometric authentication
Spark App iOS touch ID bio-metric authentication
Face ID biometric authentication
Spark App iOS face ID bio-metric authentication
Onboarding screens
An onboarding screen sets the first impressions of the app, lets your users know what to expect and educate them about new features.
“The average app loses 77% of users within just three days. By the time the first month wraps, 90% of those original new users are gone.”
— Andrew Chen
Help & support
By empathising with your users and validating your assumptions, you will gain valuable insights.
Mobile and broadband customers
Spark App Help & Support – Mobile and broadband customers
Prepaid mobile customers only
Spark App Help & Support – Prepaid mobile customers only
Asynchronous messaging
An easy and convenient way for asynchronous help and support, so you can spend time on more important things in life.
Initiating chat for the first time
Continue chat from the push notification
Continue chat from the Spark App
Spark New Zealand – 2017/2018
Spark Generation II App
Usability testing for the desktop website
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