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The Service Experience Squad in the Business Tribe took the initiative to redesign and enhance the Digital Assessment Tool. We used three sprints to research, design and build the MVP version of the Digital Assessment Tool, and I was the UX/UI designer involved throughout the end to end process.

As a Spark business customer, I want Spark to proactively suggest relevant products, services and innovations, so that we don’t miss out on resources and knowledge that can give my business a competitive edge.
iMac with Spark Lab Pulse Check website
Key tasks
1. Research
2. Journey mapping
3. User experience flow diagrams
4. Wireframes and prototypes
5. Customer testing
6. Detailed designs, handover and supporting developers
7. Marketing, presentation and future iterations
We found insights from our research library, news articles, relevant website’s best practices and data statistics.
Related applications, websites and articles
41% see cyber security as the number threat to business growth
Investors put cybersecurity top of the business threat list – PwC 2018 Global Investor Survey
​​​​​​​Recent research states the average cyber-attack costs Kiwi SMEs over $15,000
2017 Norton SMB Cyber Security Survey – Scoop Business, March 2018
Journey mapping
Once we have a simple journey, we brainstormed the customer needs and features and use a value vs effort matrix to prioritise the Pulse Check features for the minimum viable product and the future state.
Spark Lab Pulse Check journey map
User experience flow diagram
We designed the user experience flow diagram to define the journeys and states a user goes through and to capture any steps that are missing.
Spark Lab Pulse Check user experience flow diagram
Wireframes and prototype
The next step is to sketch and brainstorm ideas, including detailed features, layout and visual hierarchy. Then export the wireframes into a prototype with InVision App.
Spark Lab Pulse Check Invision prototype
Customer testing
We customer tested the journey, wanted to know their thoughts on security relating to their business and other topics they wanted to assess, which would help their business.
"Because it’s something I asked for, I can bare 15 minutes. If it’s marketing, I tend to get lost during 5 minutes.”
– On taking the Digital Assessment Tool
"I keep up to date in terms on what's happening in the world."
– On keeping up with security
"Technology is important to us, it needs to work."
"Feels clear enough, it's like a lot of things I look at."
"Yes, someone tried to hack into our system...
Few security issues, have to be more careful."
Detailed designs, handover and supporting developers
Once the designs are iterated and improved from customers feedback, they are added to Zeplin, commented and shared with the developers.

I also collaborated and supported the developer from an external agency when assets or images are required and if they had any questions about the designs.
Marketing, presentation and future iterations.
This tool has been promoted to business hub representatives and Spark business customers. Our squad also presented the Spark Lab Pulse Check website during Spark’s Business Tribe showcase.

The plan is to enhance the website with new features and more topics in future iterations.
Spark Lab Pulse Check website on Apple devices
Spark New Zealand – October 2018
Spark Lab Pulse Check
User experience and user interface design for desktop and mobile responsive website
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