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Broadband Buy Journey – Usability Testing
I was involved in facilitating customer testing, setting up the observation room, observing customer testing and helping the team write the user testing report.

This process will improve the design for the broadband buy journey and make a better and simpler experience for customers.
Spark New Zealand Broadband Buy Journey wireframes on a MacBook
Key initiatives
• Usability testing for the broadband buy journey
• Gather findings from customers feedback to iterate and enhance the designs
Key tasks
1. Prototype
2. Facilitation & observation
3. User feedback
4. Analysing & report
The prototype was updated to iterate and improve the online experience from day one and day two.
Spark Broadband Buy Journey screen flow diagram
Facilitation & observation
We tested a total of 16 customers from 4 persona groups, but we found that it was quite a lot of customers and didn’t think we needed that many as there was a lot of similar feedback. Two customers from each persona group would be ideal.
User feedback
By empathising with your users and validating your assumptions, you will gain valuable insights.
“Alternative is good, rather than you can’t have anything”
“It’s very straight forward”
“It’s pretty standard, reminds me of what I ordered, I like that”
“It’s not clear, ambiguous, I’d like to see more clarity in the total”
“Appointment date is a bit vague and not clear. Would I have to stay at home all day?”
“Thank you message is a good touch”
Analysing & report
The documentation included an executive summary, key contributing factors, key insights, detailed walkthrough, system usability scale and predictive net promoter score. This report will help improve the user experience for this project and relevant projects in the future.
Spark Broadband Buy Journey usability testing report
Spark New Zealand – March 2019
Broadband Buy Journey – Usability Testing
Usability testing for the desktop website
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